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Soft ice cream freezer - a proven way to increase your profits!

Do you want to receive real money and have loyal customers ? Are you the owner of fast food , cafe or restaurant and still do not know how to increase revenue .. ? All you need - is to buy soft ice cream freezer ! Company «FREEZER UKRAINE» - an expert in the selection of freezers . The company supplies many years in Ukraine quality imported equipment .

Attention! FREEZER UKRAINE,LLC  is the official agent and partner companies : CARPIGIANI ( Italy ), FRIGOMAT ( Italy ), PROMAG ( Italy ), COLDELITE ( Italy ), ELECTRO FREEZE ( USA ), UNISNOW ( PRC ), BQL ( PRC ), HOMYY ( Turkey ), ICETRO ( South Korea) , and direct deliveries from the manufacturer freezers !

We produce the ice cream mix with Italian technology , exclusively from natural milk powder and raw materials of the highest quality ! Cooperate and are an official representative LEKORNA Ltd., - manufacturer of the most delicious and quality waffle cones
! And to cooperate with the manufacturers toppings , syrups, and advertising materials ( layout of ice cream ) .

Advantages of working with us :

Only our company " FREEZER UKRAINE " freezers can offer the following prices :

- soft ice cream freezers made in China - from 1950 euros.
- soft ice cream freezers made in Turkey - from 2900 euros.
- freezers for soft ice cream production South Korea - from 4800 euros.
- freezers for soft ice cream made in the USA - from 5600 euros.
- soft ice cream freezers made in Italy - from 5900 euros.
- batch freezers manufactured in China - from 4700 euros.
- batch freezers board made in Italy - from 2500 euros.
- batch freezers professional production Italy - from 8300 euros.
pasteurizers - produced in China - from 5000 euros.
pasteurizers - made in Italy - from 8000 euros.

Only our company :

- A reliable supplier who can offer you any range of freezers for ice cream and the best prices in Ukraine ;
- Delivery of all ingredients and related products ;
- Providing advertising products ;
- 12-24 months warranty depending on the model of the equipment;
- Free Shipping ;
free - call technical manager to perform pre-commissioning and training of personnel to operate the equipment ;
- clock support by phone Call- Centre for setting up , operating the equipment ;
- precise performance delivery dates ;
- the official conclusion of supply contracts , sales , service ;
- cash and non-cash payment , VAT .

- the most flexible pricing in Ukraine!


Company «FREEZER UKRAINE» since 2011 is an importer of refrigeration and freezing equipment for HoReCa , fast food , etc. . The company specializes in supply for the production of ice cream freezers , shakers, ice machines and machines clash . The company is taking orders for the supply of equipment to run enterprises "turnkey" .

«FREEZER UKRAINE» forms a dealer network.


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54000, Ukraine, Mykolaiv region, Николаев, Самойловича, 32/1

Company's news

Freezers UKRAINE representation in Ivano-Frankivsk is opened now!
December 06, 2013 2:54 pm

We are pleased to inform you that for ease of maintenance, logistics and supplies for the purpose of quality treatments orders we have opened an office "FREEZER UKRAINE" LLC in the western region of Ukraine!Now residents…

Freezer Ukraine LLC - Partner Frigomat Company
November 24, 2013 10:48 pm

Since November 2013, Freezer Ukraine LLC is a partner of «Frigomat». FRIGOMAT - a company with more than 40 years of experience in the production of ice cream freezers. A characteristic feature is the production equipment…


Lines of activity

Direct delivery freezers (ice crea machines) for soft and gelato ice cream from manufacturing plants, quality equipment at competitive prices, delivery all over Ukraine - so the company works «FREEZER UKRAINE».

The company supplies to the domestic market imported equipment for restaurants, fast foods, as well as mixtures for the production of soft ice cream. The entire range of equipment warranty.

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